About me

I'm a software developer with 15+ years of experience.

I also have experience in information security, vulnerabilities, security standards etc. (if you are reading this after cvedetails.com and/or itsecdb.com have ceased to exist, they were simply awesome)

I am the creator of www.cvedetails.com and www.itsecdb.com (I don't own them anymore.).

I presented cvedetails.com and itsecdb.com at BlackHat EU 2012 Arsenal

cvedetails.com appeared on Season 3 Episode 7 of Mr Robot.

I work for an identity security company and I have experience in almost everything (standards, products, integrations, IT systems etc etc) related to identity and access management.

My github account : https://github.com/sozkan
My open source end-to-end encryption for gmail project : https://github.com/sozkan/simple-secure


serkanozkan at gmail